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Neubus is proud to be an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner with Government Competency.

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We offer secure and compliant cloud solutions, including AWS GovCloud, to help state and local government agencies migrate to the cloud with confidence.

Data Servers

Document Management Solutions

Our SaaS document management solutions are hosted in an isolated virtual private cloud in AWS.

  • SECURE – Information protected with multiple levels of infrastructure and application security
  • SCALABLE – Products built on a multi-tier architecture with leading technologies and AWS services
  • RELIABLE – Disaster recovery included, to increase business continuity of business operations
  • COMPLIANT – Products and AWS infrastructure to support regulatory compliance in government and education
  • US-BASED – Hosting regions and all data in the United States, with content stored in native formats

Supporting Local Leaders at All Levels

Highly trusted proven services make the lives of file clerks, Records Managers, PIOs, and CIOs easier, and reduce operational costs.

Through a discussion(s) with a client, the business environment is verified including existing work processes and systems in use and the business content is thoroughly examined. The information determined during the NAA session(s) is then compared against the client’s given requirements to ensure that Neubus implements the best-suited equipment, tools, techniques, and services for the client.

In a Needs Analysis Assessment, the Neubus team takes the client requirements and, using industry-standard metrics and past experience with Government Agencies, delivers a report to the client that includes the current environment process, the projected new environment and process, a GAP Analysis, and Business Case with a Financial Analysis. The Neubus goal is to provide the client with all the information they need to make an informed decision. And this is provided to the client AT NO CHARGE and with no obligation.

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